Cold Weather Blues

Here are three easy things that might help you break out of the blahs...

1. Make a list of things that pique your interest. If you can’t think of anything, go on a search. Take a drive or a walk through town to see what’s around. Is there a new shop you’ve never been in? A sign for an upcoming local event? Or search online and see if something sounds interesting. Check out news sites, blogs, ezines. An interesting article or a stroll through a neighborhood bazaar might just make you refocus and feel refreshed.
2. Change one thing. If you always drive a certain way to work, change your route for a day. If you always drink your morning coffee at the dining room table, try having it in the kitchen, or in bed snuggled under the covers. If you always vacuum on Tuesday afternoon, do it in the morning instead. Do you always seem to eat the same thing every week? Check out the frozen food or produce section and pick out one thing you’ve never tried. Have you ever had a perogi? How about a kiwi fruit?
3. Think of a question and search for it’s answer online. Did you ever wonder why we have daylight savings time? Whether or not George Washington went to college? When Stonehenge was built? Why men wear ties? Where the Happy Birthday song originated? What have you always wondered about?

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