Gratitude - Pay It Forward

Having a gratitude attitude has many positive affects; it increases your optimism, and gives you a greater sense of well-being. Feeling grateful can even make you more motivated to exercise! But according to the experts, being grateful can make you look at others differently. Studies show that being grateful makes you more empathetic towards other people and less likely to judge a person based on their material goods.  

Being grateful also makes you more likely to help other people. In one study, people who kept a gratitude journal helped others more often than those who kept journals of normal daily events or of what they thought they had and others didn't.

Also, people who were made to feel as if someone was grateful for them or their actions were more likely to pay it forward and help someone else.   

Can you increase your gratitude attitude?
Start keeping a daily gratitude journal!
Are you grateful for your significant other? Your children? Your job? Are you grateful you woke up this morning? Are you grateful for a beautiful day?

Idea - if you are on Twitter, why not send out a daily gratitude tweet and spread around the positive?

And don't keep your gratitude to yourself - remember always to say "thank you!"

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