A Cyclamen Can Brighten Up Your Home

Need a little color to brighten up your home?
Enjoy the beauty of a cyclamen
It is the time of year when cyclamen are showing up in abundance in grocery stores and garden centers. In folklore this lovely plant means resignation and goodbye - what a colorful way to say “goodbye” to the old year!

cyclamen in bloom

With green leaves, sometimes mottled with silver, these delightful plants have abundant white, red pink, or purple flowers reminiscent of butterflies perched atop tall stems. With a little care they will bloom right into the next year.

Choosing - find a plant with some flowers, and look to see if there are buds tucked down in the leaves. These will grow and develop into more flowers!

Temperatures - Cyclamen like it cool - 40-50 degrees at night and 68 degrees during the day. That is cooler than most homes, so consider moving your cyclamen to a cooler area at night and then bringing it back out during the day.

Light - Cyclamen need bright, diffused light. Keep them in a bright room, but away from sunny windows.

Water and fertilizer - Watering down through the top can cause the plants tuber from which it grows to rot, so lift the leaves and water from the side. Fertilize every third time you water with a balanced fertilizer diluted to half strength.

Helpful hints - Allow your cyclamen to dry, but not wilt, between waterings. Overwatering can easily kill a houseplant! Also consider using plain, bottled water on your houseplants; some plants can be affected by the chemicals found in tap water. Or you can save a little money and go green - put a bucket outside to catch rainwater to use to water your houseplants.