Don't Forget Small Businesses in the Holiday Rush

Small businesses help our economy and our communities; don't forget them in the holiday rush!

* Buy a sandwich from your local deli or maybe a slice of pizza from a local restaurant.

* Buy a cup of coffee from your neighborhood Mom and Pop quickstop.

* Buy a poinsettia from a small, local garden center.

* Buy local apples for your holiday baking. Some fruitstands are open year round.

Visit a local, year round farmer's market and buy some cookies or whoopie pies.

* Take a stroll through a small town holiday bazaar and buy a gift or two from a vendor.

* Enjoy a local museum or other tourist attraction. A lot of small tourist railroads operate Christmas trains through the holiday season, and many historic homes are decorated for the holiday and offer tours.

* Check out a local hardware store for holiday needs, or maybe a bag of bird seed to scatter for your feathered friends.

* Get a haircut at a neighborhood barbershop or hair salon.

* Splurge on a real Christmas tree or holiday wreath.

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