After Christmas- Now What?

After the days, weeks or months of planning and anticipation, suddenly Christmas is over.

Now what?

  • Head out for the after-Christmas sales. Winter clothing like coats and sweaters are usually a good deal this time of year as the retailers want to move out any merchandise they didn't sell during the Christmas shopping season. Also, there are great deals to be had on holiday merchandise like wrapping paper; the retailers don't want to have to store these things for next year. Stock up for next Christmas!  

  • Go out and enjoy some holiday lights! Many homes will continue to have their displays lit for a while or you might want to check out some 'professional displays'. The holiday lights display at Lakemont Park here in Pennsylvania continues nightly until January 8th. At only $10 per passenger car it's a great deal - pile the kids and grandma in the car and make an evening of it! When you get home, enjoy some hot chocolate or apple cider! To find holiday lights displays in your area go to Google and then search for "holiday lights" and your state. Many of the lights displays will continue through January 1st or even later!

  • Still have gift cards someone gave you last year? Why not make use of them now? Use the store cards to pick up a few bargains or if you have restaurant gift cards, go out and enjoy a lunch or dinner you don't have to cook!

  • Start a holiday memories diary. Buy a small notebook, or you could even use a piece of printer paper, and spend some time jotting down your favorite holiday memories from this year - Who came to visit? Whom did you visit? What kind of gifts did everyone receive? Did something funny or especially touching happen on Christmas Eve? Write down your favorite memories and then pack your diary along with your holiday decorations. Next year you and yours can reminisce about this year, and add more memories. Make it a new tradition!

  • Start thinking about your New Year's resolutions. Don't make all your resolutions negative things like "I will lose 20 pounds" or "I will exercise more"; add some things like - "I will go to the beach this year" or "I will barbeque more hotdogs". One year I resolved to watch more football and I think it was the only resolution I actually kept! Add some fun things to your resolutions!

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