Looking for gift ideas? Why not tools?

Looking for gift ideas? 
Here is a semi-humorous look at why tools might be good gift ideas...

An adjustable wrench - Sometimes nothing beats an adjustable wrench. I have hard water at my house and it clogs the faucet heads. A rag, or a rubber gripper to open jars with just doesn't work well to loosen the end of a kitchen faucet so I can get the hard water gritties out. An adjustable wrench works better and is less frustrating.
An adjustable wrench is also handy to twist off the end of a weedeater when you need to put in some more string; so to save you from getting aggravated and throwing the thing across the yard, grab an adjustable wrench and give it a try.

A screwdriver - "flat head" and "phillips" - You never know when a screwdriver will come in handy. Back in the dark ages when you used to have to actually replace car headlights instead of just the bulb, I needed a new headlight. I pulled into a service station to get it replaced and the labor charge was more than it would've cost me to buy a screwdriver! I could've replaced the headlight myself and saved a lot of money.
Screwdrivers can also have multiple uses - I use one to operate my food processor. Some time after I bought my food processor, I accidently dropped the plastic food container part. It looked okay, I thought, until I tried to use it; that's when I discovered that there was a little piece broken off - the little piece that hits the switch to make it all work. Undeterred, and determined not to have to buy a new one because of one little broken piece, I tried poking the switch with a knife. The switch was too far back so that didn't work. Then, I tried a long, thin screwdriver - success! So I didn't have to buy a new food processor and I have used the thing for years now with the aid of a simple screwdriver.

A hammer - I discovered early that sometimes a shoe doesn't work as a hammer, and a brick or a rock can be hard to come by. Everyone needs a hammer. Plus shoes, bricks and rocks can't pull nails.

Duct tape - Duct tape is like the wonder fix of the tool box. It can be used to hold up slipping car windows, or to keep a broken house window together until you get it fixed. Duct tape has been used to temporarily fix leaking hoses in cars, and to fix vinyl seats. I had a friend who had an old, old pickup truck and the seat was showing it's age - splitting, and cracking, it made for an uncomfortable ride. Then, she bought a roll of duct tape and covered the whole seat with the stuff. It wasn't stylish, for sure, but it worked.
I used duct tape to make a more comfortable bucket handle. I have a five gallon bucket I use around the house and yard and the little, plastic grip on the handle started to crack and pinch my hand everytime I used it. I wrapped the thing in duct tape and it is a lot easier on the hand than the plastic grip ever was.

WD-40 - This is another product with multiple uses. It is really good at stopping squeaks. When your doors squeak like you live in a haunted house, nothing beats WD-40.

A Handsaw - If for nothing else, a handsaw is useful at Christmas time. When I was young and just starting out, I tried to trim the crooked bottom of a Christmas tree with the sharpest thing I had - an electric carving knife. It didn't work too well. Buy a handsaw.

Pliers - Pliers are the handy person's tweezers. They are great for pulling things like staples - pliers saves your fingernails.
There are different kinds of pliers and at our house we use channel lock pliers every Thanksgiving. I like a particular brand of turkey and it is reasonably priced but the turkey comes with a thick, metal wire holding the feet/legs together. The wire is supposed to stay in the turkey, but I just don't find a roasted turkey with metal wire shackles appetizing, so I call for my hubby and he yanks out the wire with his handy channel lock pliers. The turkey looks better and my hubby gets to think he's helped with the dinner.

So if you are searching for gift ideas, consider something for the tool kit; you never know when someone might need to fix a truck seat, pull a wire out of a turkey or have an urge to throw a weedeater across the yard.


  1. Great gift ideas....but not for kids. I don't my little ones would be to thrilled getting a hammer...unless I had a boy.:P

  2. Ok..I can't edit this post. What I meant to say is.."I don't think".....

  3. Tools would be a great gift idea when your kids get old enough to get their own place.
    And I fully support the idea of girls having hammers - and wrenches and screwdrivers. Equal opportunity! I can bake homemade bread, but I can also change the belt on the riding mower and dismantle the sink drain to clean it out. :D