Blogs Gone But Not Forgotten

Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

I've been blogging for a couple of months now and one thing I've noticed is that there are a slew of blogs that haven't been updated for a while. Months, even years, have passed and not a peep from those bloggers. I can't help but wonder why. Did they get busy? Did they discover they didn't have the time to blog? Did they get frustrated that they only had three followers? Did they try to monetize their blog and discover it wasn't the cash cow they'd hoped for? Did they get abducted by aliens?

It's sad, really, especially for folks who go searching for blogs to read. You hit the "next blog" button and see a blog title and a headline that piques your interest. You read, you smile, you say "hmm" to yourself, and just when you decide you are going to become a "follower," you notice that the post was from 2008. You search the page for an archive, and upon finding it, you see that the post you just read - the post with the headline that made you read, smile and say 'hmm" to yourself - was the last thing that blogger posted.

What then? Do you become a "follower" anyway and hope the blog gets resurrected? Do you search for "contact" info for the blogger and ask what happened to them? Do you just hit the "next button" again, and move on, deciding to let sleeping blogs lie?


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  1. I would only imagine that it becomes hard to keep having fresh ideas after awhile. Those that are biographical only have so much of their life to write about. Lives change everyday somewhat for all of us. The right to expression is precious none the less...