Gift Card Exchange

Gift Card Exchanges - good or bad idea?

I've read several articles in recent days about exchanging your unwanted gift cards. Among the sites noted in the articles are:


Plastic Jungle

Gift Card Rescue

Like many other people I have gift cards that are stashed away, unused, and so I decided to look into the idea of exchanging them for cash. I am a believer in reading online reviews of companies I'm not familiar with before I engage in a transaction with them, so I read some online reviews about the aforementioned sites.  Now, I am even more confused! Some reviews are great, some are negative. One negative review seemed to be on every site I visited. On the other hand, a couple of reviews, which were on Youtube, sounded like paid advertisements.

So if I do decide to exchange my gift cards, which company should I go with? I haven't decided yet. I am going to check them out further, read their "in the news" sections on their websites, and make my decision. In the end, I may end up with some extra cash, or then again, I may be trying Fuddrucker's burgers for the first time, or perhaps sharing $25 worth of Red Lobster's "chedder bay biscuits" with my friends and neighbors.

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