Inspiration: Ten Things Before Breakfast

Ten Things Before Breakfast

A couple of days ago I read something about how people have a tendency to focus on the negative things in their lives and not on the positive. I think that's probably true: the negative things seem to invade our thoughts like a fungus.

But while there are negative things in all our lives, there are positive things - good things, right things and things that really work. What if, just for a moment, we could all stop and think about the positive things?

This morning I decided to write down Ten Things Before Breakfast that were positive and I was happy about.

Can YOU come up with your own Ten Things Before Breakfast?

My Ten Things Before Breakfast:

1. I woke up. That's a great way to start the day!

2. I was warm.

3. I have my hubby and my cat with me.

4. I have a roof over my head.

5. I have indoor plumbing. That's something a lot of people take for granted, but I grew up in a house with no indoor plumbing and it wasn't pleasant. This morning there is snow on the ground here, and there is freezing drizzle coming down - you can just imagine what it would be like to have to go out to the outhouse on a day like this!

6.The coffeepot worked!

7. I had coffee. I just can't get moving in the morning without my cup of coffee.

8. The hot water heater worked, so I got to have a hot shower. Yes, I know this is related to Number 5 above, but after childhood years full of sponge baths, a hot shower is a nice luxury.

9. I had clean clothes to put on this morning.

10. I have several choices that I can have for breakfast this morning.

Maybe my list of Ten Things Before Breakfast doesn't seem like a lot - but when you stop and think about how many people in the world are cold, alone, without a roof over their head, without food, and without clean clothes, my ten things are things to be thankful for - and I am.  

How about you? What are your Ten Things Before Breakfast?


  1. What a cool subject. It could be called the Zen of waking up. I would focus on the personal side a bit such as; 1. I can make my spouse smile as her first waking motion. 2. I have health to fight the good fight another day. 3. That no matter what the weather is, I can embrace it for either the pleasure it brings, or the contrasts to make the other days seem even better. 3. That I can savor, to make whatever I have good (to me). 4. That I have empathy so I can understand when I'm needed to. 5. That I have someone(s) who belive in me to help me do the same. 6. To know that little things make big things, so apathy doesn't cloud my decisions. 7. That I have choices. I've lived in a 3rd world country where that wasn't quite so, and believe me - it's a luxury. 8. That I am resourceful - I can plan my day and fix my mistakes failures. 9. That I have gratitude - so I can humble myself to opportunity. 10. That I awoke - so many do not. Seize the day - it's one less you have...

    1. Very nice! I like that - "the Zen of waking up".

    2. P. S. the coffee is in there somewhere...(;D)