Out and About In Pennsylvania State Parks

Out and About In Pennsylvania State Parks

The unusually warm weather here in PA yesterday just begged folks to head outside. Hubby and I love to go for walks, so we took off for one of our favorite Pennsylvania State Parks - Cowans Gap.
There were quite a few people enjoying the park - hikers, fishermen, casual walkers, and dog walkers. The large lake, the centerpiece of Cowans Gap, wasn't frozen over because of the warm weather we've had but when it is, you'll usually spot some ice skaters and folks enjoying ice fishing.

I saw an article the other day that said a lot of people don't realize the state parks are open this time of year. But they are, they offer a variety of winter activities and PA State Parks don't charge an admission fee!

So if you are suffering from cabin fever, take a look at what Pennsylvania State Parks have to offer and get out and find yourself a winter adventure!

Cowans Gap State Park website

Pennsylvania State Parks Website

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