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Saving Money On Online Adult Education Classes

I've been considering taking a few classes to further my education, so I took a look at some online classes that were available at my local community college. There was a nice selection of non-credit, adult education classes available and I thought they were reasonably priced. But I did notice that the courses weren't actually taught from the college - they were from an online source. Being nosy, I did a google search on the online source and checked out the website. The same classes I had looked into at the college were available at the website - but for a higher price.
I noticed also that there was a search box on the site so I could specify my area and find different places that were offering the courses; the search results listed several colleges and technical schools. Being ever the one to look for bargains, I decided to find out how much the courses cost at the other colleges and technical schools. I was surprised to find the difference in prices were as much as $44! Maybe in a better economy $44 wouldn't be something to consider, but on a tight budget every little savings is a great deal.

So if you are considering taking online classes, do some research, see what is available, and compare the cost. You might just find a surprising savings!

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