Using The Internet To Look For A Job

A lot of people are looking for work, and many use the internet everyday to help in their search. If you are new to the internet, it might not be so easy - you could be wondering where to start.
Here are a couple of ideas you might want to try -

Unemployment Offices - Find your state's unemployment office online and see what they have to offer. You may find information regarding jobs and/or training.
Here in Pennsylvania, for example, there is a website for "Careerlink" -
When you go to the site, you would just click on the link that says "find a job." That will take you to a job search engine where you can search for jobs by keyword or category; by city, county or zip code. You can also add other (optional) criteria to the search like the salary you desire, what shift you'd prefer and whether you're looking for part-time, or full-time work. After you've entered the information, you click "search" at the bottom of the page and it will show you a list of jobs. Click on the link for a job and you'll go to a page that shows more information about the job and how to apply.
  *That might sound daunting if you're new to the internet and/or computers, but it is easy to get the hang of it. And a lot of webpages have a "Help" link - just click on that link and you'll find more information.

Newspapers Online - Take a look at your local newpaper online. You can search for the newspaper by name, or type in the name of your town, or county, and state and "newspapers" in the search engine search box. Most online newspapers have a classified section where you can view help wanted ads. Some of the newspapers online list only local help wanted ads, but some have a job search engine where you can type in the information and click 'search'.
Also consider checking out your other regional newspapers online to search their help wanted ads. 

Search for Company Websites - Some company websites have a link either at the top or bottom of the page that says something like "careers," "employment opportunities" or "work for us". The link will take you to a page where you'll find information about current job opportunities and how to apply. There may also be information about things like company benefits. 
While large companies from fast food places, to news organizations, to retail stores often list job opportunities on their websites, so do many smaller, local companies. Just searching through a few company web pages when I was researching to write this post, I found listings for white collar jobs but also jobs for blue collar workers from truck drivers to heavy equipment operators, to laborers for a quarry.
If you are interested in a particular company, you can do a search for the company by name to see if they have a website. Or you can try searching for local companies in a particular industry - for example if you're looking for a job as a construction laborer, type "construction companies" and your town name in the search box. This should bring up a list of company webpages for you to check out.

 *Don't be afraid to try job hunting online. A lot of people are not trained in using computers and the internet, and they are just learning as they go - you can, too!  

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