Couponing Hints 2

Couponing Hints 2

Check your stores coupon policy - they vary, sometimes from store to store. Ask the manager!
Some stores double coupons, some stores don't.
Some stores accept coupons printed off of the internet, some stores don't.
Some stores have limits on the number of a particular item you can buy using coupons; some stores don't.

Overages - Some stores allow "overages" which means if you buy an item on sale for 70 cents, and you have a 50 cent coupon off of 1, which doubles to $1, then you would have a 30 cent "overage". Some stores will take the overage off of your total bill, some stores will put overages on a store gift card. But a lot of stores don't allow overages; so, in the above example, your item would still be free, but you would not get the 30 cent overage.

Don't buy things you don't need just because you have a coupon! Saving $1 on body wash is great if you do, or will, use the product. But if you're not going to use it, don't buy it! Then you will have "saved" the whole price of the item.

Use coupons wisely! If using a coupon drops a name brand product to $2, but the comparable, lesser known brand is $1.75, then buy the lesser known brand.

50 cents off of 2! $1.50 off of 3! A lot of coupons require you to buy 2 or more of the product to get the savings. 50 cents off of each product is great, but not if buying the required 3 products will take a large chunk of your weekly grocery budget. Look for coupons good for 1 item!
Or consider finding a shopping buddy - a friend, your Mom, how about your brother? He needs orange juice, you need orange juice - the coupon is 50 cents (doubles to a dollar!) on 2. Divide up the groceries later. He gets one of the juices; you get the other. He needs 2 boxes of the "$1.50 off of 3" cereal; you need the other. You'll save on groceries, it's terrific bonding time, and you can complain about rising prices together.  

Look for coupons for "splurge" items. If you are over the moon for fresh baked, name brand cinnamon rolls, or if your sweetheart's eyes light up over a particular salty snack mix, keep a watch for coupons for those products. Watch for the items to be on sale to get extra savings!

If you have a favorite name brand item, see if the company that makes it has a website and, if it's available, sign up to join the site. A lot of brands send out email newletters that contain coupons and/or information about special promotions. Some of the companies even send you a coupon just for signing up!

Printable Coupons

If you see a printable coupon for a product that interests you, go ahead and print it! Watch your store for sales because many times the item will go on sale soon after a coupon is made available - that adds up to extra savings!

You can print 2 of each coupon per computer!

Try putting a different zip code into the box on the coupon site - sometimes there will be a couple of different coupons available for a different zip code.

Check the coupon site often - new coupons are added almost daily!

Also check the coupon site for local coupons - you might find a great deal available at a restaurant or local business!

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