Signs of An Early Spring

My Signs of Spring

Punxsutawney Phil might have predicted six more weeks of Winter, but I am starting to see my own signs of Spring. Maybe we all have our own favorite seasonal signs?
For many years one of my favorite signs of Spring was an old gentleman who sold second-hand tools. Suddenly, every year, on some pleasant morning, his old pickup truck would be parked in his usual selling spot by the side of the road. And the old gentleman would be there, sitting in his lawn chair; the tools he'd repaired and polished - hoes, shovels and rakes propped carefully against his truck. I lived in an apartment back then, so I never stopped to buy any of his tools, but his yearly appearance was as sure a sign of Spring to me as the first flowers of the season.

The Ice Cream Stand
One sure sign of Spring for me is when my favorite ice cream stand opens for the season. Me and my hubby drive by the place occasionally just to see if it's open yet - and when it opens is whenever the owner decides - sometimes it's March, but the place has been opened as early as the end of January!
The weather is usually still chilly when the old place opens, but the customers still show up. They stand in line at the window, bundled up in coats and hats, waiting to order cones of soft ice cream, sundaes, and thick milkshakes. Then with their treats in hand, they head for the parking lot to join the other folks who are sitting in their cars, eating ice cream, with the heaters turned up.
I admit that I've eaten quite a few early spring hot fudge sundaes at that little ice cream stand!

The Seed Display
I saw one of my favorite signs of Spring when I went to the grocery store the other day - the display rack of seeds. I always have to visit the seed display when it first shows up! I look at all the lovely pictures adorning seed packs of ageratum and marigolds and zinnias, then I look with anticipation at the seed packs of green beans, tomatoes, and squash and I daydream about zucchini - zucchini and spaghetti, stuffed zucchini, zucchini bread, chocolate zucchini brownies with cream cheese glaze - YUM!

Changing of Seasons
Another sign of Spring along the same lines is the changing of seasons at a little hardware store. This little hometown hardware store always looks inviting with it's little sign and small collection of seasonal wares displayed on the sidewalk in front of the store. In the Winter their display includes things like sleds, snow shovels and snow blowers and their little sign reads, "ice melt" or "salt." But as Spring draws near, the sleds and snow shovels start to disappear, replaced by shiny buckets and ladders and gardening tools and the snow blowers get replaced by tillers. And when I see "ice melt" on the sign get changed to "order potato and onion sets," I know that Spring is just around the corner!

Spring in the country
Spring is especially enjoyable in rural areas - calves, and lambs start showing up in the fields, and when I drive through the valleys and see the farmers plowing their fields, I know Spring is coming soon.
This week I had the pleasure of passing by a farm and getting to see an Amish gentleman plowing his field the old-fashioned way - with a team of horses. That is an incredible sight to behold and really something to ponder - how many acres of this country were plowed by our ancestors in just the same way? It's like seeing the past plowing the fields making way for the seeds and growth of the future. Awesome!

These are just a few of my favorite signs of Spring.

Do you have a favorite sign of Spring that you look forward to every year? Please feel free to share!

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