Washing A Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner

It's getting time for my annual Spring Cleaning and one of my projects is to wash my vinyl shower curtain liner. I try to keep it dry and wipe it down, but the hard water here at the drafty doublewide can really make it look scummy! Before I discovered that I could wash the liner in the washing machine, I tried using a scrubby sponge on it to get rid of the hard water stains, but it didn't help and it was awkward to try to scrub it! I even tried hanging it on the clothesline and blasting the liner with the garden hose - that didn't work either, but it might have provided some entertainment for my neighbors.  Finally, I decided to try washing it in the washing machine. I figured it couldn't hurt; I was on the verge of throwing it away anyway if I couldn't get it clean. It worked great! It looked brand new!

So if your vinyl shower curtain liner is looking a little grungy, or if it's just smelling a little mildewy, try washing it in the washing machine.

How To Wash a Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner

  • Put a couple of bleachable towels in the washer with the liner to add a little scrubbing action. I put in one towel, and then the shower curtain liner. I spread the liner around the agitator as evenly as possible, and then I put in the other towel.

  • Add detergent and turn on the washer. I use warm water - the warmth makes the vinyl liner more flexible and it gets cleaner.

  • Let the machine run for a few minutes and then add a little bleach. The bleach kills any accumulated nasties that have built up on the shower curtain liner during the cold weather.

  • When the washing machine cycle is finished, open the lid and rearrange the liner and towels. The liner can bunch up and the water gets stuck in little puddles in the creases so, I rearrange everything, and pour out any puddles I find.

  • Now close the lid, and set the washing machine to "spin" again to get rid of any extra water.

  • When the cycle is finished, carefully remove the shower curtain liner, return it to the bathroom and shake it over the tub to straighten it out and then rehang it to dry.

  • What about the two wet towels? If it's a pleasant day, hang them outside to dry. If that's not possible, make sure to wash your shower curtain liner on a day when you are doing other laundry - that way you can dry the towels with other items and not spend extra money using the dryer for just two towels.

Helpful Hints -

  • There are different thicknesses of shower curtain liners. I have washed a thinner liner in the washing machine, but the heavy duty liners will last through more washings in the washing machine before they finally need to be replaced.

  • Did you know you don't have to use a shower curtain along with your shower curtain liner? The liner works fine by itself!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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