Great Deal at the Grocery Store This Week!

This week is a great time to buy a cabbage! I've been seeing cabbage advertised for as low as 29 cents per pound in this area! Yum - Corned beef (also a good deal this week!) and cabbage, fried cabbage, cooked cabbage, coleslaw....

And What The Heck Is Haluski?

I first tried Haluski at a buffet restaurant in Altoona, Pa one weekend. I'd never heard of it until then - I am a transplant to Pennsylvania - but apparently it is a popular "just like Mom used to make" dish in some parts of the state. It sounds exotic but it is basically fried cabbage and egg noodles. I am hooked on Haluski! I've made it often since I 'discovered' it. And cabbage and egg noodles are budget friendly!

How To Make Haluski

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