It's Spring and the Battle Begins Part 2 - Ants


Ants can be a real nuisance. One forgotten piece of candy or a few dropped crumbs can attract armies of ants! I've seen ants come under the front door and march all the way to the kitchen in search of food. They don't need much space to invade an area and even a tiny hole in the foundation of a house can be a gateway for ants. Ants have even managed to get into hospitals and into closed iv bottles!

Frustrated With Ants

One year, I had such a problem with ants in my house that I was literally in tears. I tried using ant spray. I tried using ant bait, and nothing worked. The ants got into my cat's food - the dry, and the wet food I put out for her dinner. They found the bag of dry cat food and it was so full of ants I had to throw away the whole bag. The ants got onto the counter and into the bread. They got into the cabinets and into a closed container of molasses. They discovered the cabinet containing a bag of brown sugar. They climbed around on my clean dishes! The ants were coming from everywhere - they even came through a tiny hole by the door of the guest room, marched down the hall, into the kitchen, and being attracted to the smell, they got into the microwave. I vacuumed and swept and mopped up ants; I cleaned and recleaned the cabinets and re-washed the dishes until I was ready to break down and cry! But I don't have an ant problem anymore.

What Works for My Ant Problem

I finally found something that works -  
Ortho Home Defense Max Insect Killer

Following the directions, every Spring I spray the outside of my house along the foundation, the bottom of the window frames, the bottom of the doors. Inside, I use the spray as directed, except in the kitchen. I don't like using bug spray in the kitchen, so I have another product on hand just in case the ants find a way to sneak in - Orange Glo ! The ants hate the orange odor and will turn and head the other way! If I notice a few stray ants, I try to determine where they are coming from and just spray a squirt of Orange Glo Wood Furniture 2-in-1 Cleaner & Polish. I also wipe up the ant "trails" where they've been traveling because they leave scent for the other ants to follow.

And just for good measure, when I do my Spring cleaning, I polish my kitchen cabinets with Orange Glo Wood Furniture 2-in-1 Cleaner & Polish; the cabinets are shiny and clean, the smell is pleasant, and, at least at my house, it is an ant deterrent!

Note - My sister, on my recommendation, also uses Ortho Home Defense Max Insect Killer but she only uses it on an as-needed basis. For example: if she spots ants coming through a particular window, she sprays only that window frame. If you don't have a big ant problem, that might be an option!

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