It's Spring and the Battle Begins Part 5 - Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are not only annoying, they can also carry disease. They breed in standing water so when Spring comes, it's time to look around the yard and get rid of anything that might be a potential breeding ground. A small piece of plastic blown in from the neighbors yard and stuck in a shrub can become a mighty mosquito nursery!
Also check out your gutters to make sure they aren't clogged - if you notice a swarm of mosquitoes near the roofline, you might have a problem!

Mosquito Targets

Some people attract mosquitoes more than other people do. I read once that researchers had discovered this phenomenon also happens in cows - some cows attract mosquitoes, others do not - so the researchers were studying the cows, and what made them different, to try to come up with a better mosquito repellent for people who are mosquito targets.
Unfortunately, I am a mosquito target. I've complained to my hubby - who the mosquitoes ignore - that the pests seem to come for miles to get to me.

If a mosquito has made it's way into our house, it will find me - usually at night after I turn off the light and try to go to sleep. Just when I start to doze off, I hear "bzzzz!" I swat in the darkness, it quiets for a moment and then "bzzzz!"
I have discovered, though, that if a mosquito is buzzing me at night, if I turn on the light, the pest will usually go up and land on the ceiling.
Now there are ways to kill a mosquito on the ceiling - a flyswatter if you can reach it, snapping it with a towel if you have a good aim, but a dry sponge mop makes a great mosquito squisher!  

Change The Window Screens

If you have a bad mosquito problem, you may need to change your window screens. You can get ready-made replacement window screens or you can get the materials and make your own. Hubby and I replaced our screens last year. We decided to make our own and it was an easy weekend project. We found everything we needed at Lowes - including an instruction pamphlet. If you don't have a Lowes in your area, most hardware stores would probably have when you need.

The screening material is available in two colors and several styles; we chose a finer mesh screen because living across the lane from a farm with a pond makes our place a mosquito retreat.
There is also pet resistant screening material available if your furry friend thinks claws and window screens make a great combo!

End of the Series

And thus ends my series of posts about my Spring Battles, though at some point in the future I may share the story of my Spring battle which I didn't win involving tent caterpillars, a big stick and a blow torch.

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