Money, Couponing and The Minimalist lifestyle

Forget The Pop-Tarts and Pass the Toast-ems

I heard on the news the other day that "Ralph's," a large west coast grocery store chain is ending "double coupons." According to the story, some other stores are also starting to implement stricter couponing policies. Isn't that just what we need right now in this bad economy with gas prices over $4 per gallon?
But, this news will be a plus for stores like "Aldi" and "Sav-A-Lot" - even more people will be passing up the higher priced name brands for cheaper alternatives.
I admit, though, that I've never understood why some name brand companies haven't just lowered their prices; there are certain products that always seem to have available coupons, so then why not just lower the prices so everyone can enjoy the product, coupon or not?

Money and Minimalism

I read a story this morning that really has me bugged. It was about an older gentleman in Greece that commited suicide and the reason for it that most people seem to be pointing to is economic. This isn't the first story I've read about people who've committed suicide because of economic reasons and it has me wondering about the real meaning of life. Is life about money? Is life about "stuff"? Could I reduce what I "have" and find peace as a Minimalist?
But what kind of "stuff" could I give up? How can I change?
Get rid of the computer? Just about everyone has embraced the computer - people communicate through emails; hubby uses the computer for his job hunting.
Get rid of the TV? Could I learn to live without "Dancing With The Stars" and "Dr. Phil"?
Get rid of the microwave? It's a lot easier to defrost tonight's pink slime for dinner in the microwave.

Oh, wait... we are among those who don't have a lot to start with - we are among the poor who are being forced into Minimalism!

Maybe all I can change is my attitude?

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