Buttons, Blinkies, and Blankies

The Lessons of a New Blogger

I went googling for information on "buttons" for my blog. I'd noticed them on other blogs; some I knew were links to other blogs and web pages, but some were lovely victorian drawings or pictures with nice statements like "live for today."
One of the first places I found on my blog button search was a site called  The Cutest Blog On The Block. When I looked at the site, I let out a Homer Simpson "doh!" noise because I hadn't known what that site was about; I'd noticed their sites button on quite a few blogs and I thought it was an "award." (So, I'm a new blogger!) I'd even looked at some of those blogs more closely to try to figure out why someone had given them an award for being "cute"!

A New Word

I looked around the site for buttons and then I discovered "blinkies." I'd seen a lot of "blinkies" but hadn't given them much thought. I didn't even realize they had an actual name. Intrigued, I went on an internet blinkie search. There were blinkies with phrases, picture blinkies, cartoon blinkies - blinkies of every kind. I even found sites for blinkie collectors!

Now I just had to have a blinkie for my blog; but maybe something small, and not too annoying. I decided to search for "welcome blinkies." I didn't find exactly what I had in mind - I wanted something happy.
So I searched for "happy blinkies" - a couple of times. But the search engine seemed to want me to search instead for "happy blankies." I'd type in "happy blinkies" and it would ask, "did you mean to search for "happy blankies?"

Eventually, curiousity led me to click on "happy blankies" just to see if there was such a thing - yep. There are indeed "happy blankies" .

The search ends for the day

I ended my search at that point - it was starting to all sound like baby talk. All the blinkies, and blankies and happy blinkies and happy blankies was getting to me - I was beginning to have a tantrum, need a ba-ba, and be overcome with a desire to play with my toes.

If At First You Don't Succeed

Later, I returned to my blinkies discovery mission and found information on how to make them, and even blinkie generators!

Blinkie Text Generator at TextSpace.net

I made the above blinkie at Text Space

A Big Bright Blinkie!

I made the above blinkie at http://www.animated-gifs.eu/animations.htm#blinkies

Other Resources -

Making Blinkies - Animated Sigs and Tags

Tutorial: Make a Blinkie In Photoshop CS

And now I will return to the search for a lovely "welcome" button for my blog....

Update: I found the pretty "welcome" button located at the top right sidebar at Shabby Blogs!


  1. lol, What a great post! I have a hard time with all the buttons and stuff too and I am SO impressed with your blinkies! I think after your first day of searching and scouring I would have been crying that I want my mommy at the top of my lungs and ordering a Happy Blankie. :)

  2. The only site like that I think is good is actually Shabby blogs. The others are just too pretty and too sugar sweet. Shabby has some blinkies/buttons with more attitude. Personally I think blinkies are quite annoying. But I like nice buttons.

  3. That looks like fun stuff to play with! Not that I don't already have enough ways to fritter away time on the internet...