Berger Cookies - A Baltimore Favorite

My sister came to visit me from Maryland recently and brought me a treat I've missed since I moved to Pennsylvania - Berger's Cookies. In fact, she brought me 3 packages of Berger's Cookies, which me and my hubby have almost finished off already.

Berger's Cookies are rich, yummy treats - a thin vanilla wafer cookie topped with a mound of rich, chocolate fudge/frosting.

Berger's Cookies are a favorite Baltimore treat. People eat them with a glass of cold milk, they eat them warm from the microwave. Some folks even prefer them frozen. I love Berger Cookies with a cup of coffee. Totally a yum indulgence!

And now I've discovered Berger Cookies are available online - including in 2 cookie snack packs! That would be better for me than the 3 packages my sister brought me because I think I've gained 10 pounds eating all those cookies!

If you like cookies, and you like chocolate fudge, consider giving Berger Cookies a try!
Visit their website - Berger Cookies

(Unfortunately, there is a heat warning posted on their site - the cookies might melt when shipped in the summertime. I will have to drool and wait and maybe beg my sister to bring me another package when she comes to visit again! )

Have you ever tried Berger's Cookies?

Do you have a favorite regional food?

Stay Cool This Summer

The summer heat is here

Be Cool!
 Stay cool with these ideas...

1. Keep window blinds and curtains closed during the day. The warm sun shining in feels great in the winter but it can really heat up the house in the summer.

2. Change your air conditioner filter. This is a quick fix that is simple enough for most people to do themselves. Many stores carry AC filters including Lowes and Kmart. A new filter will help your AC run more efficiently!

3. Use a fan. Fans are available for sale this time of year even in dollar stores and there are sizes and styles to fit every need and budget.  You can find small personal fans, (great for use next to the computer to keep cool while reading blogs and playing online games)  box fans ( great room coolers!) and big fans on stands. *Just make sure to keep kids and pets away from fans!

4. Stay hydrated. It's easy to get dehydrated when the heat rises, and water is the best choice for hydration. Keep a pitcher of water in the fridge and it's always cold and ready for you to pour a tall glassful. 

5. Up early? If the outside temperature is cooler than your AC setting, open up a couple of windows early in the morning and capture the cool of the morning.

6. Head for a public place like a mall, or visit your local library and chill out while you read the latest novels.

7. Having a heat wave? Find out if your local community has "cooling stations" available during heat waves and go there and be cool!

8. Try Chill Towels for instant cooling! Chill Towels  are available online or at Walgreens.

Inspiration - When Life Gives You Lemons...

1. Make whatever beverage you fancy.
2. Make whatever pastry you fancy.
3. Make natural bug spray.
4. Make cleaning solution.
5. Bake fish
6. Eat fruit for gum health
7. Save seeds and raise a lemon tree

The point is that what life lays on you is simply what you do with it.
Savor your life- you only get one helping.

(Thanks to Mark Buchman for these inspiring words!)