Berger Cookies - A Baltimore Favorite

My sister came to visit me from Maryland recently and brought me a treat I've missed since I moved to Pennsylvania - Berger's Cookies. In fact, she brought me 3 packages of Berger's Cookies, which me and my hubby have almost finished off already.

Berger's Cookies are rich, yummy treats - a thin vanilla wafer cookie topped with a mound of rich, chocolate fudge/frosting.

Berger's Cookies are a favorite Baltimore treat. People eat them with a glass of cold milk, they eat them warm from the microwave. Some folks even prefer them frozen. I love Berger Cookies with a cup of coffee. Totally a yum indulgence!

And now I've discovered Berger Cookies are available online - including in 2 cookie snack packs! That would be better for me than the 3 packages my sister brought me because I think I've gained 10 pounds eating all those cookies!

If you like cookies, and you like chocolate fudge, consider giving Berger Cookies a try!
Visit their website - Berger Cookies

(Unfortunately, there is a heat warning posted on their site - the cookies might melt when shipped in the summertime. I will have to drool and wait and maybe beg my sister to bring me another package when she comes to visit again! )

Have you ever tried Berger's Cookies?

Do you have a favorite regional food?

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