Boot Scrubbers

Boot scrubbers. Who even knew there was such a thing? I have got to get one!

I was working on my blog one day when an advertisement came up for "boot scrubbers" and I had to check it out. Since we aren't allowed to click on our own Adsense Ads, I went and did a search for the term and there it was - boot scrubbers. Boot scrubbers are little contraptions with brushes that a person (husband!) can run his boots through to clean off the dirt and mud.

My husband is a heavy equipment operator and somedays when he comes home he is about three inches taller than normal because of all the mud on his boots he has collected from walking across a job site. He is usually pretty good to try to knock some of it off outside, but with thick tread on work boots, some of the mud and dirt always ends up in the house. He does take his boots off by the door, but once in a while, he will forget something after he has put his boots on in the morning and he takes off through the house leaving a mess in his wake. When I get up and head into the kitchen, bleary-eyed and barefoot, to get a cup of coffee - ouch! - hard mud chunks and pebbles and little dirt 'doobies' are everywhere. Sometimes it's so bad, I have to get the broom and sweep it up - and who wants to sweep before they have their first cup of coffee in the morning?

I'd never heard of boot scrubbers until I saw the ad. They are apparently sold in places like farm supply stores and places that sell tools and the like, but I think they should market them to women. Women still do the majority of the housework and boot scrubbers would certainly save on some cleaning! The ads should read something like - "Ladies, does your husband work in construction and bring home half the job site on his work boots? Does your significant other like to hike but brings home a large section of the forest floor on his hiking boots? Leave the dirt where it belongs -buy the new heavy-duty boot scrubber and make him leave his mess outside!"

I may have to go on a search for other handy gadgets; there may be, out there somewhere, things to entice your man to take the trash out the first time you ask or something that may magically help him toss his dirty clothes into the hamper.

Hey, ya' never know.

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