Confused About Light Bulbs?

After our hoard of light bulbs has been extinguished, we will all be faced with the task of buying the new, energy efficient light bulbs. And the first thing we will notice, after the odd shapes, is that the bulbs aren't listed by wattage. Gone are the 100 watt bulbs, and the familiar 75 watt bulbs aren't far behind - they will be gone in January 2013. Now the bulbs have a label with the new-to-most-of-us term - "lumens."

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Simply put, "lumens" measure the brightness of the bulb and it's the new way to choose a light bulb. Below is a list of common wattage of the old light bulbs, and their close "lumens" equivalent -

40 Watt = 450 Lumens
60 Watt = 800 Lumens
75 Watt = 1100 Lumens
100 Watt = 1600 Lumens
150 Watt = 2600 Lumens

*Keep in mind that while the new light bulbs have labels on the packages that also list "wattage," the "wattage" on the label is how much energy is used by the light bulb!

Confused yet? But wait, there's more...

The light bulb labels also include information about "light appearance" which ranges from "warm" to "cool" listed as "K"; For example: a bulb might be listed as "2700k" on the scale. The "K" means the "temperature" of the bulb on the "Kelvin" scale. "Warm" on the Kelvin scale means the bulb gives off a more yellowish color, while "cool" on the Kelvin scale means the bulb gives off a more bluish color.

Choosing Light Appearance

According to the experts, if you are looking for a light bulb for the kitchen or laundry room, you would choose a "cool" bulb in the 4000k range. "Cool" light bulbs are better in areas where you will be doing some sort of task.

If you are looking for a light bulb to use in the living room, or a bedroom, you should choose a "warmer" bulb in the 2700k-3000k range. "Warm" light bulbs are better for areas where you relax!

Someday We Will Get Used To The New Light Bulbs...

and someday, if we mention 100 Watt light bulbs to the younger generation, they will look at us with the same confused look we get now when we mention "8-Track Tape Player."

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