Monday Motivation

Get up and get dressed even if you're not going out.

When you're home, whether you are a housewife, or unemployed, or for whatever reason,  it's easy to slip into a routine of hanging around the house in your pajamas and slippers. But pajamas and slippers are nighttime wear. How often have you seen articles about how to get to sleep at night? The experts always suggest a routine - like reading a chapter in a book, getting into pajamas, using the bed only for sleeping and intimacy. Pajamas and slippers tell you it's time to relax! Getting up, and getting dressed, changes your mode from nighttime relaxing to daytime moving.


And don't forget to put on your shoes!

When I was working full-time I had to do household chores in the evening; but if I came home from work and took off my shoes, it was a signal to my mind and body that I was finished with work for the day and it was time to relax. Putting on shoes every morning put my mind into work mode!

So, get motivated this Monday morning by getting up and getting dressed!

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