Ten Signs That You Are Fed Up With Frugality

1. While at the grocery store meat case, you linger longer at the standing rib roasts before proceeding to the ground beef.

2. When you read about a celebrity using $1000 per ounce face cream, you get mad.

3. You start researching used cars online but end up drooling at websites featuring cars that cost three times your yearly salary.

4. You splurge, blow your budget, and reason that "if the world gets taken out by an asteroid tomorrow, it won't matter anyway."

5. You add links to cute clothes to your Favorites list and "visit" those clothes several times per week.

6. You feel grief-stricken at the thought of yet another "staycation" and start ordering brochures for exotic destinations.

7. Even at 30% interest, credit cards are starting to have a certain appeal.

8. You start having odd fantasies involving bathroom remodeling and new carpet.

9. You are wondering if you could live on tap water and Ramen noodles for two weeks and spend the money you save for a night out on the town.

10. It's July and you are already thinking about Christmas gifts... that people could buy for you.


  1. lol, I resemble a few of those statements! ;) I have a couple of Christmas gifts stashed away for folks that I have bought while they were on sale this summer, I have learned it pays to think ahead on the holidays, then it's pretty stress free.

  2. I'm definitely NOT frugal. Actually didn't even know the word existed until I started exploring the blogosphere. After a while I understood what it meant... and I know of people who hunt for coupons all the time and check the commercials in the mail for all the campaigns and stuff. If I would do that, I wouldn't have time for anything else, plus I don't think inexpensive necessarily is the best. Many of those products are full of chemicals and other ****. So I prefer hunting for quality instead.
    Plus, bathroom remodeling sounds nice... :)

  3. I'm here from Not Mommy Hop. I'm telling ya, we think a like. I could have written this list myself. Haha!