Bad Cake Day

Note To self: Next time don't experiment with new recipes on your hubby's birthday.
Note to self: Toss that new recipe - the cake didn't rise.
Note to self: Yes, yellow cakes can turn out tasting like cornbread.
Note to self: Don't experiment with frosting recipes on your hubby's birthday.
Note to self: Peanut butter and cream cheese mixed together doesn't taste as good as it looks.
Note to self: If you are going to make frosting containing something fluffy like powdered sugar, use a deeper bowl.
Note to self: An ugly cake cannot be hidden by bad peanut butter cream cheese frosting.
Note to self: Make sure when you bake a cake for a birthday that you have extra ingredients just in case you feel the need to toss the first cake and bake a different one.
Note to self: You owe hubby a new cake.
Note to self: Next year on hubby's birthday, buy boxed cake mix and frosting in a tub.


  1. OK a DQ Ice Cream Cake -- easier yet!
    thanks for the chuckle!!

  2. Ooh, DQ ice cream cake sounds good. Maybe I'll hint around for that at MY next birthday!
    Glad you liked the post.