Blogging For Money

Lessons of A New Blogger

It's So Easy!

It sounds like a great idea when you first read about it - and how easy it is! You start a blog, write posts, put up a few ads and then the money rolls in! At least that's what the "How To Blog For Money" websites will tell you.
The truth is that it's not that easy. Yes, there are a few people who make a lot of money from their blogs, but the majority do not.

Why Not?

People make money from ads. Most of the ads on websites/blogs are "pay per click" or "ppc" which means the blogger doesn't make money unless someone clicks on the ad. How many ads have you clicked lately?

From what I've read, some years ago the ppc thing worked for a lot of people,. The internet was new, people were new at it, and they were click happy; anything that popped up and looked interesting got clicked. Now, people are more picky about what they click, and I, personally, have noticed that many of the ads are the same ads over and over again. I've probably seen the same ad about "language professors hate him" 1000 times! And then there are the creepy ads that follow you around from site to site. I checked out some pants at the Kmart website, and then Kmart pants followed me all over the internet.
Many people online also have what has been termed "ad blindness" - they don't even notice the ads anymore.

I Do Notice Ads

As for me, since I've been blogging, and learned about how the ads work, I have started to notice ads more. A lot of the ads I have seen many times before, but once in a while one really catches my eye - I saw an ad for a vehicle that I liked and the ad was cute - when you moved your mouse over the photo in the ad, the vehicle blinked it's lights at you! Very tempting! (Yes, I can get distracted by shiny things.)
Another ad, which I mentioned here was for boot scrubbers, which I had never heard tell of before!

Affiliate Ads

After the early experiments with ads, some bloggers move on to affiliate ads in an effort to make money; you sign up with a program like the Google Affiliate Network, and once you are approved you search for companies and products to promote. Affiliate marketing is a bit like the modern version of being a door-to-door salesman.
With Affiliate marketing, you put an ad on your blog, promote a product or service and if someone clicks the ad and completes a transaction such as buy something, sign up, print something, etc., then you make a small commission.
There are people who do this and make money from it, but there are others who are not successful. Part of the problem is that you might have an ad for Kohl's on your blog, but if someone wants to buy something online from Kohl's, they will google Kohl's and go to the Kohl's website - not your blog.
If they want coupons, they will go to the site and not the link on your blog.

Affilate marketing can be a lot of work - you have to promote your blog, promote your affiliate products, and try to get your blog/website up into the top of the search results in hopes that someone will visit your blog, click an ad, and complete a transaction.
Doesn't sound as easy as some websites would have you to believe, does it?

Another problem with affiliate marketing is that there is a big hoopla going on about internet taxes and some companies have already dropped their affiliates based out of states that collect, or want to collect, taxes on internet purchases. One day you're promoting cool products on your blog, the next day it's the proverbial up the creek without a paddle.

Making Money From Blogging...

is not that easy. While there are a few "successful" bloggers, most are not. I suspect that many of the financially successful bloggers make their money by telling other people how to make money online!

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  1. You do have great points and I like it. The best thing you wrote here is that people were new to the internet that’s why PPC worked. Now, the challenge for PPC users has become tighter! What do they need? Content!

  2. That is true! As they say, "Content is king."

    Unfortunately, if you have great content, then along come "content scrapers." But that's a whole 'nother post.