Doublewide Manufactured Home Review

(Edit - Since someone pointed out that there are upgrades available for Manufactured homes, I am editing this post to state that my doublewide is about 20 years old. New homes may be a lot nicer!)

When I started this post, I was going to go into detail about my experiences with living in a doublewide, but I decided against it. I came to the conclusion that if you go into buying a doublewide manufactured home expecting it to be built like a regular stick-built home, then you will be disappointed.

Some People Love Their Doublewide Manufactured Homes
Some people love their doublewides and just as they come from the factory never have a bit of problem with them.
There are people who treat their doublewide as a project; they buy a doublewide and then eventually change out the wall panels for drywall, install replacement windows, take out the carpeting and install wood flooring. They add decks, and porches, and build on extra rooms. I even read recently about a doublewide that had been transformed into a brick home by the owner.

Some People Hate Their Doublewide Manufactured Homes
There have been complaints about shoddy construction but if you read reviews, in some cases one person will have problems with their home while another with the same brand of home will love the place.

Things to Consider

Drafts And Wall Panels
Doublewides can be drafty. My doublewide is drafty with a draft that seems to come from everywhere and I think the reason is because of the way it is constructed. The interiors of manufactured or mobile homes are usually built using wall panels; I discovered for myself that sometimes the panels are not flush together - there can be gaps between the panels and I think that is where the draft actually originates from. If you notice in most manufactured or mobile homes, there are strips down the walls, and there can also be chair rail molding and crown molding, and these things cover up where the wall panels, and ceiling panels, meet.

There are also staples used in the construction of manufactured or mobile homes. It seems like there should be nails in some places where staples are used, but it may be in order to keep the costs down, and because manufactured homes are built to be lightweight structures.

It can cost a lot to heat a manufactured home. They don't usually have as much insulation as regular stick-built homes, and they are drafty, so many people complain about how much it costs to heat them.

Single pane windows are a pain! They let in too much heat in the summer and too much cold in the winter. And, in my experience, they fog up a lot. If it is warm in the house and cold outside, the windows get fogged up, and they drip. This can lead to rot and mold and that's not good!

The kitchen cabinets look great from the outside, but if you take a closer look you might find that they are not real cabinets. The back is usually a sheet of thin wood-like product, and in our house, some of the lower cabinets don't even have that! If you look inside the lower cabinets, you can see the wall behind them.

Tripping Breakers
Tripping breakers is another problem some owners of manufactured or mobile homes experience. I think maybe the companies that manufacture these homes need to upgrade their wiring because many people have a lot more electric and electronic devices than they used to!

The Back Door
The outswing back door is something that many people eventually have to replace. It's not very sturdy - usually built using an aluminum frame, styrofoam and vinyl sheets. The door at my house did last over 15 years before a big gust of wind ripped it out of my hand and it fell apart.

Flat Roofs
Even when a manufactured home has a sloping roof, many people eventually complain about leaks.

Thinking About Buying A Manufactured Home?
  • Don't expect a manufactured or mobile home to be built like a stick-built home.
  • Take a closer look at the construction of the home you are considering and read reviews.
  • Decide if there are some things you can live with like the kitchen cabinets that aren't real cabinets or single pane windows.
  • Decide if the positives of the home outweigh the negatives. Manufactured homes can look nice, have a great layout, and be a comfortable home at a reasonable price.
Would I buy Another Manufactured Home?
Yes, I would consider it.

Disclaimer: This review is my opinion and from my experience. Opinions and experiences, like manufactured homes, vary! Do your research!

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  1. All I can say is that the person that wrote this article bought the cheapest home on the market. Home quality is based on price paid. You get what you pay for. Most manufactures offer drywall construction, upgrade cabinets, upgrade carpet and exterior doors. They offer top of the line carpet if you pay for the upgrade. Thermopane windows are standard with most of the top of the line manufacturers. The homes are normally built so tight they are required to have some type of air exchange system built in. If you are experiancing a draft it is probably caused by the set up of the home and the people that set it.

    1. I didn't necessarily buy "the cheapest home on the market." My doublewide was a couple of years old when I bought it and it was my first experience with a manufactured home. It is now about 20 years old, and maybe the quality and construction have improved over the years.
      It's nice to know that there are lots of upgrades available! A few upgrades and a manufactured home could be especially nice!
      You are right - you get what you pay for.
      Thanks for your post.

  2. I disagree It not always you get what you paid for attitude. I have lived in some really nice homes that I have purchased which where cheap but in really great condition which lasted me for years without to much maintenance. I guess it depends really on what and where you purchase them from. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm with Roberts you can get some pretty nice ones if you look hard enough and they're great for people that are struggling with cash.

    1. Hi Luxury Homes
      You have some beautiful homes on your website! I'm going to have to take a longer look when I get a chance.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. my wife and i lost our real home last year due to disability. we had no choice but to buy a doublewide, as that was all we could afford. i have to say i havent noticed any drafts and this place is much cheaper to heat than the two story house we had. we tried everything to keep our second floor bedroom cool in the summer but it was a losing battle. the walls are thinner here, but we dont play tackle football inside. overall i am really starting to like this place. as my wife and i are planning to buy some land and put a new doubilewide on it ( this place is in a mobile home park thats really nice ).

  5. Hello! My husband and I have been in our double wide (32x80) for 16 years and we've had no problems whatsoever with our home! We have so much space and it still looks immaculate! We added on an extra room that's 450 sq ft for entertainment and I must say that I'm glad we did! We're living on my parents property which consists of 75 acres! We have so many plans for remodeling our home in 2014! I'll never leave this area because I was born and raised on this property! I'll never sale! Therefore, my plans are to add another level and brick halfway up! I'm super excited about my vision! I have an Aunt and Uncle that turned a single wide into a two story brick home with no problems! Their home was remodeled 40 years ago! It's very nice!

  6. Did not know what I was doing when I bought this double wide in1997,try to get parts for anything is a pain. my house is the best and well kept on the block other people just don't care how they live.

  7. I recently purchased a new double wide in 2015. These things are well built. 2x6 exterior walls R27 insulation in floor & R-38 in ceiling, insulated windows & doors. Quality cabinets and many upgrades you can make to almost every part of the home