Minimalism and 100 things - Not!

I've been reading about minimalism and the latest trendy thing is to only have 100 things. It sounds great. It sounds carefree. It sounds easy to clean! It sounds like it's not for me. Why? Memories take up space.
As you get older you acquire things from people and from experiences. You might have things that belonged to your children and those things remind you of them. You might have furniture you inherited from your parents who have passed away. You could have a collection of coffee mugs or shot glasses that you bought at interesting places you and your significant other visited together over the years. Or you may have a collection of old, vinyl records that you listen to once in a while and everytime you do, you feel 18 all over again.
It's easy to live with only 100 things when you don't have more than 100 meaningful things!

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  1. Hi Kathy, I can't stand clutter and i am a bit of an organized freak LOL. I also did a post on how to keep a clean and clutter free home. But i also I don't like to get rid of things that have a meaning to me or my family.:) Take a look at my post if you wish.
    Take care