Money Saving Tip - Save Your Receipts

I recently learned a lesson that could have saved me some money:

When my coffee maker quit working a couple months ago, I bought a new "Mr. Coffee" Coffee Maker. "Mr. Coffee" has always been a reliable brand and I've purchased several "Mr. Coffee" Coffee Makers over the years and never had any problems with them. So, I didn't think twice about throwing away my receipt and the warranty information; I was looking forward to, and expecting months, if not years, of use from my "Mr. Coffee." But this time, it didn't happen. After only a few weeks, my "Mr. Coffee" Coffee Maker stopped working.
I set up my coffee, flipped the "on" switch, and nothing happened. I checked to make sure it was plugged in, I flipped the switch "on" and "off" a few times, and still, it wouldn't work. It didn't start brewing, the hot plate under the coffee pot didn't warm up, it simply didn't work!
Being on a budget, there wasn't money for another new "Mr. Coffee" Coffee Maker, so I had to buy an inexpensive coffee maker from the dollar store.

Lesson learned - save your receipts and your warranty information when you buy small appliances!

When the economy was better, I, like many other people, wouldn't have thought twice about just going and buying another new brand name coffee maker, but with the unstable economy, and many unemployed, even that extra 20 or 30 dollars in a household budget can make a difference!

If you are on a budget, remember:
  • 1. Don't assume you won't have a problem with an appliance just because it is a name brand.
  • 2. Save your receipts, even for small appliances
  • 3 Save and read your warranty information; some warranties require that you register your product in order to get it replaced or to have warranty covered service performed on it.

Fancy Feast Mornings Cat Food Review

I recently received a free sample of Fancy Feast Mornings cat food. Since my cat is becoming even more finicky about food the older she gets (she is 12), I was excited to give Fancy Feast Mornings a try and see if my kitty would actually eat it.
I opened up the can and to me, it smelled great - and at 6 a.m. that was certainly much better for me than my cats normal Fancy Feast fish and shrimp. But, my cats reaction to the new food was... let's just say it was interesting.
Cats can have a "language" - they have normal "meows", and "I want to talk on the phone, too" insistent meows, and "that was a crack of thunder I'm going under the sofa" yowls, and the "would it help you type if I stand on your keyboard and meow" meows;  my cat also has an "I'm talking to myself" loud meow - and that was her reaction to Fancy Feast Mornings!
My cat came and smelled the food and then went into another room and "talked" (loud meowed) to herself for several minutes! I had to laugh - I'd never gotten that reaction from her in response to a new food.

I left the food out for a while, but she never did eat any of it.
Oh, well... it's back to Fancy Feast flaked fish and shrimp for my kitty.

Cold Season

Cold season started already! I have been dealing with a cold for two weeks. Two weeks! Aaargh!
I decided to do a little research about colds and flus and found out a couple of interesting tidbits that I didn't know:

  • A cold doesn't usually progress into something worse like pneumonia. (As miserable as I have been, this was nice to know!)

  • There are over 200 viruses that can cause a cold, but "rhinovirus" is the most common.

  • People with colds are more likely to have 'nasal symptoms' like a runny or stuffy nose than those people with a flu.

  • And this little bit of information surprised me - A healthy adult can infect other people with the flu for 24 hours before they ever start to show any symptoms! (I bet the flu gets passed around a lot because of this! People might avoid their significant other when they are in the midst of a flu, but the day before they start sneezing and hacking, well....)

  • Also, someone with the flu can spread it around for as much as 5-7 days. That's a long time to be contagious! And a lot of people probably feel a little better, or start to get upset with staying at home after a couple of days of the flu and decide to go back to work or school, never knowing they are still spreading the bug around.
For more information about colds and flu, visit - The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (The CDC)

Hope you have a wonderful and healthy week!

Monday Motivation

"Whatever you are, be a good one."  Abraham Lincoln