Fancy Feast Mornings Cat Food Review

I recently received a free sample of Fancy Feast Mornings cat food. Since my cat is becoming even more finicky about food the older she gets (she is 12), I was excited to give Fancy Feast Mornings a try and see if my kitty would actually eat it.
I opened up the can and to me, it smelled great - and at 6 a.m. that was certainly much better for me than my cats normal Fancy Feast fish and shrimp. But, my cats reaction to the new food was... let's just say it was interesting.
Cats can have a "language" - they have normal "meows", and "I want to talk on the phone, too" insistent meows, and "that was a crack of thunder I'm going under the sofa" yowls, and the "would it help you type if I stand on your keyboard and meow" meows;  my cat also has an "I'm talking to myself" loud meow - and that was her reaction to Fancy Feast Mornings!
My cat came and smelled the food and then went into another room and "talked" (loud meowed) to herself for several minutes! I had to laugh - I'd never gotten that reaction from her in response to a new food.

I left the food out for a while, but she never did eat any of it.
Oh, well... it's back to Fancy Feast flaked fish and shrimp for my kitty.

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