Google Panda or Penguin

Fluctuating Pageviews

Have you noticed sudden fluctuations in your pageviews?

My blogs daily pageviews had become pretty consistent and then one day, my pageviews shot way up. At first I thought there was some weird quirkiness going on with Blogger or maybe my blog had been hijacked by Russian bots, but I think I might've been "pandalized!"

Google Panda or Penguin

Google Panda or Penguin updates basically readjust search results using algorithms.

I found a website that had info about search algorithms and about the only thing I figured out about it was that I should've paid more attention in Algebra class! There are more technical webmaster sites online where you can find out more information.

What Happens After A Panda or Penguin Update?

After a Google Panda or Penguin update, some websites lose traffic.

"Spammy" sites, full of advertisements and no content may get pushed down in the search results. I've come across a few of these recently and they can be annoying.  I was searching for some county government information and found "spammy" sites. The websites looked like legitimate sites in the search results, but they had a couple of links to county government sites, and the rest of the page was just advertisements for various non-related things.
Also, from what I've been reading, websites that increase their search ranking by using company names as part of their domain name are to be pushed down in search results. Some people use popular names just to be ranked high in the search results - for example: if a popular company name is "crimsonweavers" and it ranks high on the search results page, then some people might use a domain name like "crimsonweaversstore" or "crimsonweaversonline." These websites may not actually have anything to do with the company- they are just using a popular search result keyword to increase their own traffic.

After a Google Panda or Penguin update, some websites may gain traffic.

Websites that contain useful content, regularly updated, may receive higher ranking in search results and will get more traffic as a result.
"User friendly" websites might also gain traffic. I've visited some non-user friendly websites! One in particular I remember I couldn't even figure out where the real content was! There were so many links, advertisements and pictures, it was difficult to find the article I was searching for on the page!
Great websites that load easily may gain traffic. One popular website that I usually enjoy reading has been having loading problems and about half the time, only the very top of the site loads. I'm starting to ask, "what's the point?"

There are also other criteria used in the Google Panda and Penguin Updates that might cause your site to rise or fall in the search rankings, affecting your pageviews.
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Have any of you been experiencing fluctuations in your pageviews recently? Has your blog been "pandalized"?

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