Least Popular Posts

Dear Bloggers (and other various assorted interested people...)
Have you ever taken a look at the list of posts you've written and noticed which posts have a lot of views, and which posts people have ignored? I did that this morning and and came to a few conclusions:

First off, no one ever reads my "Monday Motivation" posts, and so I can only think that no one but me needs to be motivated on Monday morning.

Another not so popular post:
So, obviously, no one is stressed out except for me?!

stressed out

How about this one -
Get Your Vitamin D!
Okay, so maybe no one is interested in vitamin D either.

Stay Warm With Thrift Store Finds
Oh well, what can I say? I liked my post but then again,  I am old, I'm female, I'm cold all the time except when I have hot flashes....

Politically incorrect, maybe?
A Tale of Two Thanksgivings
This one was seasonal, so maybe the hordes of blog readers will find this post this November....?

Easy Chicken and Dumplings
So I can't even give my recipes away????

There you have it - the list, at least the partial list, of my posts hanging out in the bottom of the page view heap!

What are your least popular posts? Any thoughts on why?

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