Monday Motivation - Wake Up Your Senses

Get motivated today by waking up your senses!

Peek outside and watch the sunrise or enjoy watching a bird as it hops around searching for it's breakfast. Why not spend a moment really looking at a loved one?  Open up your sleepy eyes and take in the sights!

Change up your breakfast!  Eat a spicy pumpkin muffin or add cinnamon to your oatmeal. Try a different juice for breakfast - instead of orange, try grape or tomato. You could have a V-8! A small change in your routine wakes up your taste buds.

Take a few deep breaths of the morning air, or take a whiff of your shampoo when you get in the shower. Or why not try a candle to wake up your senses? Yankee Candles are fragrant even when they are not lit - put one on your desk, on your coffee table, anywhere close and wake up your nose with the pleasing scent!

Dress in something that feels great against your skin - a soft shirt, or warm, wooly socks. Why not give yourself a 30 second hand massage? It is invigorating! Or give someone a hug - that is a great way to start the day!

Instead of listening to news all morning, enjoy some music for a few minutes: listen to something soothing if you are anticipating a stressful day, or crank up something peppy to wake up your ears and get you stimulated. Or Just pause for a moment and listen to all the sounds as the world awakens; just hearing all the activity can help get you motivated!

However you decide to awaken your senses this morning - may you have a great day and a wonderful week!

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