Monday Motivation

Get motivated today by looking outward and giving - someone, or something, needs you!

If you are married, do something nice for your spouse; bring them their first cup of coffee or tea in the morning, or give them a little extra back rub.

If you are a parent, what do your kids need? New shoes? A hug? For you to really listen?

If you work in a fast food joint, someone wants that burger and fries - serve them up with a smile.

If you work in a retail store, help a customer find what they are looking for - it could really make their day!

If you sell life insurance, remember it will make a difference in someones' life someday.

If you are a blogger, someone may need to read what you write in your post today.

If you are a pet owner, your pet needs you to feed it and give it some "lovins."

If you feel like no one needs you, volunteer! There are always opportunities to volunteer in hospitals, soup kitchens, or how about Habitat for Humanity?

Whatever situation you are in, there is someone, or something, that needs you. Give your time, give a smile, give your help.
So, get motivated today by looking outward to see how you can make someone else's life better, easier, happier by giving of your uniqueness!

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