Preparing for Frankenstorm

What do you need to prepare for Frankenstorm? My post about Disaster Preparedness talks about some essential things you need to get through a disaster. But, last night I bought a couple of other things that I will need to get through "Frankenstorm" -
Cool Ranch Doritos and Chester's Butter Flavored Puffcorn snacks!
I did buy things like milk, bread, a couple of canned foods, new batteries for the radio and flashlight, and extra food for my cat, but in a storm, you need the comfort of things like snack foods and chocolate!
So what would YOU add to your disaster supplies? Hershey chocolate bars? A case of root beer? Ritz crackers? Are you ready for Hurricane Sandy?

Update 11/1 Made it through Hurricane Sandy just fine. Some local areas lost electric, and had downed trees and some flooding, but for the most part, my area was spared.
My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered the wrath of the storm.

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