Turn Leftovers Into Breakfast

When times were hard people had to economize. They ate what they had on hand, and leftovers were recycled into a second meal. That is a great philosophy even today!
Here are three ways I like to turn leftovers into a simple breakfast in a bowl:

Leftover Biscuits

I got to eat this as a treat when I was a child and still partake on occasion when I have leftover biscuits. This is a real down home yummy dish and it has a fun name - we always called it a "granny soaker."
Just split a baking powder biscuit and place into a bowl. Pour on some coffee to which you've added cream and a little sugar. Make sure to pour on enough coffee to cover the biscuit - the biscuit will soak it up! Top with a little butter or margarine, and an extra sprinkle of sugar and you've got your very own "granny soaker."

Leftover Rice

Plain, leftover white rice can be turned into an easy hot breakfast.
Put rice in a saucepan, add a little milk to loosen it up, and add some sugar to taste. Warm over low heat, stirring to make sure it doesn't stick to the pan. When warm, dish up the rice and top with butter or margarine, and some milk. 
You can also add some raisins, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or even some bananas if you'd like. Yum!

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Leftover Cornbread

 In some areas of the south people enjoy eating "bread and milk" - cornbread broken up into a glass of milk or buttermilk and then eaten with a spoon. I like my "bread and milk" northern style! Southern cornbread is not sweet and may not contain eggs. Northern style cornbread is sweet, and does contain eggs, making it a richer bread.
When I have leftover northern-style cornbread, I break it up into a bowl, and top it with a little sugar and milk and eat it like breakfast cereal. Tasty!
You can also use a corn muffin for this if you don't have northern style cornbread, and you can substitute some honey for the sugar.


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