Weird Headlines Top Search Results

This post is an experiment in blogging. I was reading about how weird headlines, stories and videos attract traffic to a blog and decided to try it myself. People find blogs all the time because of weird searches, so what kind of searches will lead somene to a weird blog post?

Boxing Monkeys Wearing Ballerina Flats Draw Crowds
Who knew that would be popular? I mean, last week the big headline was probably about tap dancing monkeys!

Giant Blob Spotted in Manhattan
Ha! I actually did a search for "weird blob in Manhattan" and Google did come up with a search result - from Fox News.

Justin Bieber Is The New Donny Osmond
Ah, Donny! My first crush when I was a teenager! Donny if you are out there, send me a CD. I have all my vinyl records from when I was a teenager except for yours; my brothers and sisters were the prime suspects in the disappearance of your records from my collection. They were not fans.

Mitt Romney Voters Watch Dancing With The Stars
This was a real story recently! I'm a Dancing with The Stars fan myself. Weird thing is - a Mitt Romney campaign ad showed up on my blog one day! The candidates are out there, and they know who you are....

New Madrid Shakes Milkshakes Rocking The Region
Okay, If someone actually invents this product, I want a cut of the profits.

Housewife Muses over Weird Headlines In Blog Post. Is She Desperate For Traffic?
Well, I wouldn't say I was desperate....

How To Boil Water Is Tops in Search
I'm thinking how to boil water in unusual ways could be interesting; a lightning rod, putting the water in a rocket and shooting it towards the sun....

Couponing Addiction Hits Middle America - Couponers Flip When They Clip
Imustcoupongivemeyourcouponnewspaperinserts IpromisenottorunwithmyscissorsIwillwalkslowlygivemecouponsnowplease....

Exploding Soup Can Trashes Tent
Could it happen? The Mythbusters would know!

And finally,
Cougars who watched Thor and The Avengers prefer Loki over Thor by 2 to 1.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Next up in my great blogging experiment: Do Rants Attract Readers?

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