Lack of Motivation Monday

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I've been writing posts called "Monday Motivation" for a while now but today, I decided, is "Lack of Motivation Monday." I can't think of any other Monday when people will be so lacking in motivation to get up, get started and get to work.

For one thing, for most people, it is a short work week. Thursday is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States and most people have Thursday off from work, and many people have both Thursday and Friday off. People's thoughts have turned to the holiday - turkey, visiting, family, football, snoozing in the armchair, Grandma's favorite overseasoned stuffing, pumpkin pie with whipped cream! For some this Monday will be spent in a pre-turkey, pre-travel haze.
Then there is "Black Friday" at the end of the week. What can I say about Black Friday? I heard on the news that there are people camping out in front of stores already. Already! And they've been there for a couple of days!

But it is also "Lack of Motivation Monday" because we are living in a time of two economies in this country.
For some people, this morning they are facing the upcoming holidays with no job. The last jobs report showed an increase in people filing for unemployment, and that wasn't all because of "Superstorm Sandy" because two states with big increases in unemployment were Pennsylvania, and Ohio. For the people on the downside of the economy, today is "Lack of Motivation Monday" because they are looking at the possibility of not having Christmas, of not having gifts for the children, of how they are going to pay the mortgage and buy groceries. They are going to be met today with a mass of advertisements for things they are not going to be able to afford to buy. It's depressing, and not conducive to being motivated.

Then, there is the other side of the economy - the people who are working and looking forward to a great holiday season. The advertisements are a welcome sight, luring them to the department stores, enticing them to click on Amazon, Sears, and Kohl's ads, begging them to open their wallets and purses and spend, spend, spend! Black Friday is starting on Thursday this year at a lot of stores, and there will be those people who will be there at the crack of the door waiting, in a turkey and stuffing induced daze.
And then there is decorating, and cookie baking, and Christmas tree buying, and package mailing, and card sending... it is a holiday frenzy. And it starts today - on "Lack of Motivation Monday."

So, for this "Lack of Motivation Monday" I wish you "happy hunting" : To the job hunters - may your job hunt be successful and may you find the perfect situation making even more than you were before; and to the bargain hunters, may your week be filled with perfect deals and great buys!

Have a Blessed Week!

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