Monday Motivation - Make a Difference

Today is "cyber Monday" and it is a great time to shop online for holiday gifts and bargains for yourself, but it is also a great time to remember those who are struggling financially. There are 46.2 million people just in the United States living in poverty and the unemployment rate in many communities is in the double digits. For these people, "cyber Monday" is another day of trying to figure out how to pay the heating bill, pay the mortgage or rent, and put food on the table. How many of these people are facing the holiday season and looking at their children and trying to figure out a way to tell them that Santa Claus will not be visiting their home this year?

So for this "cyber Monday", get motivated to make a difference - take advantage of those bargains, save on holiday gifts, buy those things that you need while they are at the best price of the year, but please remember those who are less fortunate.

* Find a toy online that is a really great deal? Why not buy two and donate one to Toys for Tots or a "toy box" run by a local charity?
* Save 30% on your new winter coat? Why not donate part of your savings to a local food pantry?
* Thinking about buying Great Aunt Gertrude a fruitcake for Christmas? Pass on the fruitcake and donate the money to charity in her name instead - someone in need will benefit from the donation and Great Aunt Gertrude won't have to lie to you and tell you she loves fruitcake! 

Toys for Tots accepts toys at many drop-off locations, and they also accept monetary donations - 
Toys for Tots Website 

The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank distributes food to more than 700 food pantries, shelters, and soup kitchens in 27 Pennsylvania counties and you can donate money online -
Central Pennsylvania Food Bank Website

May your week be filled with great bargains, and warm fuzzy feelings!

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