Monday Motivation

We can all get stuck in a rut and start to feel like every day and every week is the "same ol', same ol'" but even a small change in your routine can increase your motivation level. Suddenly, there is something "new" -

  • Take a different route home from work and enjoy new scenery.
  • If you have a chore you normally do on Monday, try doing it on Tuesday instead.
  • Try an interesting food you've never tasted.
  • Add cream to your black coffee.
  • Change the radio station and listen to a different kind of music.
  • Wear your hair in a different style for a day.
  • Stop at a garden center and buy a new houseplant.
  • Visit a home improvement store and daydream about granite counters.
  • Eat breakfast foods for dinner.
  • Pass on the evening news and watch "Reba" reruns.
  • Pretend it is Friday and smile all day thinking about what you are going to do all weekend!

Have a happy, joy-filled, prosperous week!

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