My First Year of Blogging

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of "the drafty doublewide" blog! 

What I Have Learned During My First Year of Blogging... 

1. Mommy Bloggers rule the "household" blogosphere. When it comes to cleaning hints, couponing, recipes, anything household related, Mommy Bloggers have it locked up - and there are a lot of them. And they move in herds.

 2. And thus, a blogger who isn't a Mommy shouldn't try to write about cleaning hints, coupons, recipes or anything "household" related. 

3. "Content is king" and you have to post often to keep up. If you don't, you slide quickly down the search engine rankings never to be found again.

4. Affiliate marketing is harder than those "become a successful affliliate marketer" websites lead you to believe. Eventually, you start to feel like you are standing on the street corner of the internet with a tin cup, but instead of begging for change, you are begging people to "click my affiliate ads." There is actually an unflattering name for this, which I will not repeat here because this is a G-rated blog.

5. R-rated blogs are more popular than G-rated blogs. But you can't put adsense ads on R-rated blogs. And it is hard to write an R-rated blog if you are a G-rated person.

6. If you have "drafty doublewide" in the name of your blog, no one will come to your blog looking for household hints or recipes.

7. They say that what you think on increases, and so writing a blog about "frugality" is not a great choice. Unless, of course, you are hoping to always be frugal.

8. Blogging can take up more of your time than you anticipated. I read one forum and a blogger there said it took him 20 minutes to write a post; it takes me longer than that. Researching a topic, and then writing the post can take hours if the post is fact-filled, and you search for reputable resources.

9. Blogging can be frustrating. After you've researched your topic, found reputable resources, and made sure your post is perfect, you may only get 3 pageviews in six months.

10. If you think you are a writer, rejection by people on the internet is quicker than rejection from publishers who send you a letter.

11. Blogging can be a learning experience. The pressure to post, and post regularly, is great for your self-discipline. You also get a taste of how the internet works - SEO, page layout, rankings, etc., and so blogging is a great experience if you want to get into an internet-related occupation.

12. There are some great bloggers in the blogosphere who are fun and entertaining, and I have enjoyed discovering their blogs.

And so,
party on...


  1. I just started a blog about a month and a half ago, and I saw you have a disclaimer. If my blog contains "original work" should I do something like that so no one steals my book idea?

  2. "Ideas" can't be copyrighted - think about how there are mulitiple movies with the same general "idea" BUT technically your original content is automatically copyrighted. You should add a copyright notice to your blog; you can put it on your home page or at the end of each post.
    From what I've read, you can make the copyright notice - a c in a circle - by adding &#169 in your html, or do it the easy way and copy and paste the symbol.

    Here are a couple of links that might be helpful -!topic/picasa/HYxnWiFZyGI