Oil Lamps as Holiday Gifts

(Update - I updated this post slightly as one of the oil lamps listed here originally was no longer available. Please take a look at the rest and remember that oil lamps make a wonderful holiday gift!)

 I love oil lamps! I think I fell in love with oil lamps when I was a child and my parents would take us kids to our Grandma's house for a visit; her small house didn't have electricity and she lit the place with kerosene lamps. The soft, warm glow of that light, and the warmth of being with family is still a pleasant memory.
My oil lamps are not just decorative - I use my oil lamps - they are great to use when a storm rolls through in the warm months and knocks out the electricity - and I also use them during the winter months just because they give off a warm glow during the harsh cold weather. The warm light makes makes my house feel warmer!

Some of my oil lamps I bought for myself, but some have been gifts. Lamps, and oil, and light are meaningful for many people spiritually and I can't think of a nicer gift - especially this time of year. Christians celebrate Christmas, marking when Light came into the world, the Jews celebrate Hanukkah, and remember the oil that lasted for eight days, and even Pagans look forward to the Winter Solstice when the shortest day comes and light begins to return to the world. Oil lamps make great gifts!

I've been looking around and found a couple of amazing oil lamps available at Amazon - 
(set of 5 -click picture for more information or to buy these lamps)

This little olive oil lamp, about 3 1/2 inches long, is made to look like a lamp from Biblical times. The description says you can burn olive oil, or just about any type of oil in it. You can get a set of 5 of these. I can't think of a more meaningful gift this time of year.
Or if you prefer, you can buy just one as a special gift.

(buy one - click picture for more information or to buy this lamp)

This olive oil lamp is a replica of lamps used during the time of King Herod - during Jesus's time!  It is palm sized, and uses olive oil. What an incredible, and meaningful, gift this would be for someone you love!
(click picture for more information or to buy this lamp)

And this lamp is beautiful! Look at the color of that base! But as I write this, there are only a handful left so if you are going to buy one, you'd better hurry! It is 12 1/4 inches tall with a beaded design bottom and it burns kerosene, lamp oil, citronella or liquid paraffin. 

(click picture for more information or to buy this lamp)

So, if you are looking for a holiday gift idea, consider an oil lamp!
 Bring a lamp, some oil, and some light into someone's life. 

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  1. This will be a perfect gift for my mother in law. I'm sure she'll love this.