Where Have All The Bloggers Gone Revisited...

This post has been edited! 

I wrote a blog post a little more than a year ago called "Blogs Gone But Not Forgotten - Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?" in which I addressed the fact that so many blogs have been started but not updated for a long time. Alas, this blog had become one of those.

Why no updates? Priorities. Sometimes you have to step away from some things in order to deal with others - like my hubby getting laid off (yes, again) and my sister struggling with stage 4 breast cancer. With these things going on, I haven't felt much like writing about saving money on groceries, or how to use vinegar to clean your windows or easy to make recipes.

I do still pop in once in a while, mostly to moderate and delete the many, many "spam" comments I've been getting. For now, I've decided to turn off the comment feature - again, priorities. I don't really want to waste time deleting spam comments!

I am hoping to return to this blog sometime in the near future. What will I write about - The same kinds of things? Something different? How life evolves at The Drafty Doublewide? I'm not sure, yet. Life changes. People change. Circumstances change. Etc, etc, etc....

Want to help? 

You can click the pink "Breast Cancer Site" link located in the sidebar on my blog to help fund mammograms for women in need - it is free to click and you might save a life.

May you be blessed with prosperity, good health, and hope.

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