Updating Blog And Removing Affiliate Links

I am in the process of updating my blog and removing my coupons.com affiliate links. I just found out that coupons.com is no longer going to be a Google affiliate. Oh, well - it's happened before. At least this time I received an email letting me know - I had been placing affiliate ads for another company a while back and when they ended their affiliation with Google Affiliates, I wasn't notified. Maybe they enjoyed the free advertising? Who knows. It's the internet - it's all here today and gone tomorrow anyway; someday one terrific solar flare will probably hit the earth and take out the power grids and we will be having to learn to communicate all over again. Texts fly easily through the air - messages chiseled on rocks not so much. 
Anyhow, I am almost finished removing my links but if any of you lovely readers find one I've missed, just ignore it. I will get to it. Thanks.

Blogging Hint - If you have affiliate ads in your posts, please remember to mark them as "affiliate" in your labels - it makes the posts much easier to find if you need to remove the links!

Renting a Carpet Cleaner? Save Money with a Coupon!

One job on my Spring cleaning agenda this year is cleaning the carpets. While I was searching the web for local carpet cleaner rental sites and prices, I discovered that there were coupons and rebates to be had! Why pay full price if you don't have to?

I put in my location on one site and it brought up a list of places to rent their carpet cleaners; when I clicked a couple of them, I discovered they had different offers available - either coupons or rebates. I would have thought all the places were the same and would offer the same discount but they didn't. 

So, though I am waiting for warmer weather before I clean the carpets, I will definitely be checking out the websites for the latest coupon or rebate deal when I go to rent a carpet cleaner - and you should, too!

Rent a Bissell - look for special offers!

Rent a Rug Doctor - look for special offers!

It is Spring. I think.

The signs of Spring are all around us - it's just that the weather isn't cooperating!

My favorite ice cream stand has opened for the year and I partook of a hot fudge sundae - eaten in the car with the heater running of course

The seed displays are out in the stores: the lovely packages with pictures of green lettuce and bright tomatoes and colorful zinnias beg you to pick up a pack and try, one more time, to have a green thumb!

Here in the countryside the calves and lambs are beginning to appear in the fields, and I caught a glimpse of an Amish gentleman plowing his fields with an old fashioned plow and a team of horses.

The season has finally changed at a small, local hardware store - the outdoor display of snow shovels and sleds have been replaced with buckets, spades, and tillers. 

And as the seasons change, I revisit a series of blog posts and get ready for my "Spring Battles." 

It is Spring and the Battle Begins Part 1 - Mice

It is Spring and the Battle Begins Part 2 -  Ants

It is Spring and the Battle Begins Part 3 - Carpenter Bees 

It is Spring and the Battle Begins Part 4 - Yard work

It is Spring and the Battle Begins Part 5 - Mosquitoes

May your Spring be delightful, your zucchinis abundant and your mosquitoes be few.