Hooked on Coding but Too Old?

Am I hooked on coding? That was the question I asked myself as I completed yet another lesson at Codecademy . I had started learning a little html last year from a different online tutorial and I really enjoyed it. The possibility that someday I might be able to use what I was learning to find a job crossed my mind and so I decided to look at what kind of salary, etc., a web developer might make. I was thrilled with the idea - ever since I started blogging I'd found myself fascinated by how "it" all worked - how the pages were written, how the search engines find a page, the best part of a webpage to place certain things; all of it was interesting, maybe even more so than content writing! 
Then one day, I started to doubt the idea that coding was in my future - while looking through the classified ads, I found an ad for a web developer but what the company was looking for was "a young buck." I was shocked someone would actually place an ad searching for "a young buck" but it made me wonder if I was focusing on the wrong future second career. I'm not a "buck" nor am I "young." 
Maybe we all need more women in computer, math, and science careers? But then again, how many complaints would a company get if they advertised a position as being open to "a young doe"? The National Organization for Women would take them out behind the woodshed!

Months passed and other things took precedence over my learning html, but a couple of weeks ago, I took a look at Codecademy and I tried one lesson. And then another. The bit of html I had learned previously came back to me and I progressed quickly through the first lessons. I was hooked. Absolutely hooked! 

I wondered if there were other people who had gotten hooked on coding just as I had, and so I googled it. But I found a question on a page that made me stop and think - there was a young person questioning if they were too old to learn to code. The young person was in their twenties. "Too old?" they asked.  I could be that young person's mother! 
Another shock.
I wondered if people lose the ability to learn as they get older. I wondered if everyone starts to have brain fog when they hit midlife. I wondered... and wondered.... and went back and started learning CSS. 

But is the universe telling me to just accept that I am old? The whole "young buck" and "too old" in their twenties was bad enough but then, a couple of days ago, the dreaded envelope arrived - my invitation to join AARP. 
I thought they would start bugging me to join sooner, and at least that way, I could begin getting used to the idea of being older, but nope - they waited until days before my birthday so any happy anticipation of the momentous event could be replaced by a grumbly feeling of getting older. Gee, thanks.

Anyhow, that is life here at the drafty doublewide. 
I'm going to go take a few more CSS lessons.  And then some Javascript lessons. And Python.
And someday, maybe someone will start a group for Old Broads Who Rock Ruby. 

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