Caroline's Kids Cat Cam

As the delightful readers of my blog know, I am a webcam fan, and I especially enjoy streaming cat cams. Watching kitties sleep is kind of a zen thing,
and seeing their playful antics can make just about anyone smile, and so when my hubby mentioned he'd read about another live streaming cat cam, I had to check it out. The first day, the cam was a little blurry, but the kitties looked happy. This evening I took another look and a new cam had been installed that offered a better view of the action and what did I see but cats in little cribs! How cute is that?!?

The cam is located at a place called Caroline's Kids ( link to the "about" page). It is a no kill cat sanctuary devoted to helping old, sick and unwanted cats. 
So if you are searching for a streaming webcam featuring fantastic felines, make sure to check out Caroline's Kids! 

Caroline's Kids on Ustream!

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