It's the Holiday Season... almost.

It's the Holiday Season... almost.

Time is flying and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. I'm already enjoying some Christmas music, thinking about gift ideas and drooling at the thought of a holiday turkey with all the trimmings!
I've been reviewing and updating some of my previous holiday posts and decided to bump them up for anyone who might enjoy them -

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells.." I think everyone over the age of 4 probably knows the words to this song, but do you know the history of everyone's favorite holiday song? Check it out this post -
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Favorite Bluegrass Christmas Songs - I can't listen to "Christmas Time Back Home" by the Country Gentlemen without thinking about my childhood, Mom and Dad and the excited Christmas mood we always had at our home at Christmastime. Love this song! Check out this post -
Favorite Bluegrass Christmas Songs  

Oil Lamps as Holiday Gifts - This is my post about oil lamps- love, love, love them!  They do make wonderful holiday gifts - you can bring a little light into someones life! Check out this post - 
Oil Lamps as Holiday Gifts 

Looking for Gift ideas? Tools make great gifts -even for women! Check out this post to see why -
"Looking for Gift ideas? Why not tools?"

Learn a little about the history of Thanksgiving in my post "The Tale of Two Thanksgivings"

Poinsettias are a lovely addition to anyone's holiday decor, but Cyclamen are also beautiful and readily available to add color to anyone's home. Check out this post to learn about this delightful plant - "A Cyclamen Can Brighten Up Your Home"

Happy Holidays!  

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