chocolate chip cookies with pretzels and potato chips

Hubby has been on a big ruffled potato chip kick - they have become his new favorite to take for lunch. But, like with most chips, there are always a ton of broken chip pieces in the bottom of the bag. I thought these broken pieces were great to use for a casserole topping or to add to my favorite meatloaf recipe but I found something even better to use them for - cookies! Yep, cookies. I found this recipe from Nestle called Sweet and Salty Nestle Toll House Cookies and omg! Yum! Chocolate chips, pretzel pieces and potato chips all in one cookie!

Usually when I bake cookies it's my hubby who wants them straight off the pan and I have to put a few aside just to make sure I get to taste a couple, but I baked a batch of these and I had to force myself to save some for him!
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Sweet, and yet salty, (I did add the optional salt), these cookies satisfy a slew of taste buds. 
These were so good, I think I might have to crush a few potato chips on purpose! 

Find Sweet and Salty Toll House Cookies and more recipes here - Very Best Baking

Moneysaving hint - make sure to check the promotions and coupons section. You might find a coupon for chocolate chips! 


  1. My mom makes something like this but not with chocolate. They are addicting! Maybe this year she can make two batches... one with chocolate, one without!

  2. I might have to try them without chocolate, too. That sounds good!
    Thanks for reading my post!